Mary's Magnificat

December 23, 2018

Mary’s Magnificat in Luke 1:39-56 shows us three things about her


1 Mary knew her OT – She quoted scripture after scripture
• All we need to know about God and serving Him we discover in the bible
• We too should be a people of the bible


2 Mary worshiped God – her soul and spirit rejoiced in the Lord
• Worship is a way of expressing our thankfulness and appreciation to the Lord for who He is and what He’s done
• This teaches us the value of worship. Worship should be a lifestyle for us


3 Mary was humble – Mary demonstrates for us the great character trait of humility
• One of the reasons Mary was chosen by God for service was her humility
• Our humility before God and others will dictate how usable we will be for the lord
• No humility – no usefulness // great humility – great usefulness

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