Increasing and Decreasing

April 8, 2019


John 3:30 "He must increase, but I must decrease."


John the Baptist said these words when he was told that Jesus' ministry was prospering more than John's. John didn't get upset when he heard these words. His disciples were alarmed and jealous for John's ministry but John wouldn't take the bait. He said that Christ must increase and he must decrease.


John used two examples to prove his point. In John 3:29, John said he was only the friend of the bridegroom. The job of bridegroom's friend was to handle the details of the wedding. Once the wedding taking place he steps out of the way. John said he's just the friend to help the bridegroom and at the appointed time he would step out of the way.


Secondly, John gives us Christological information in v31-36. This information about Christ also demonstrates why Christ must increase and John must decrease.


This Christological information shows us that:
1 Christ is supreme
2 Christ is sent by the Father
3 Christ Speaks of the Father
4 Christ speaks of the Sprit being given by God
5 Chris is our salvation


John understood Christ must increase and John must decrease. In our lives also Christ must increase and we must decrease. God allows difficulty in our lives so we can see the areas of our lives where Christ must increase and we must decrease.


When threatened with self-importance, self-promotion, and the attention of the masses John said Christ must increase and John must decrease. When we feel threatened in a carnal way to fight, get even, promote ourself, or put others down let's remember.....Christ must increase and we must decrease.

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