King Josiah Did What?

June 1, 2019

King Josiah did what?


When the priest the book of the law in the temple (2 Chronicles 34:14) it was brought to Josiah. Josiah had a great response that encourages me in how to respond to the bible (2 Chronicles 34:21-27).


1 He rent his clothes (this was a sign of grief over Israel's disobedience to the word).
2 He inquired of the Lord. He wanted to know how the Lord was going to deal with Israel's disobedience.
3 He heart was tender. This means his heart was meek and correctable.
4 He humbled himself
5 He wept before God. Josiah was broken about his sinfulness and the sinfulness of the people.


How do I respond to the bible when I read it or hear it?

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