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This is an old Broadman and Holman 1996 KJV LPUT. LPUT in bible lingo stands for "large print ultrathin." This is a wonderful text block. It's very readable. These old Holman's are wonderful bibles. My favorite style bible is a LPUT. It's easy to carry. Especially when going to the pulpit. I don't like carrying a thumper bible into the pulpit. This is a bible I picked up off of eBay for about $20. The text block has some light pencil markings in it but that doesn't bother me. I wanted to try something different with this rebind. John from ICA bibles suggested I do a butt-edge foldover. In this type of rebind instead of folding the cover edge over onto the liner you fold the cover edge over onto itself. It gives the bible more of paste down look. The benefit of this type foldover is it prevents the pages from butting up against the foldover. This type of foldover is beneficial when you have a thinline bible such as this one. This is a maroon cowhide leather cover with a gray liner. The color scheme is nice together. I used a different style of stamping letters on the spine of this one. I like this style of letter. I added a decorative end sheet to give the bible some pop. Thank you Hobby Lobby. I tried adding a tooled line around the outer edges of the cover. Instead of raised hubs on the spine I tried doing something. I was going for a look common to Allan and Cambridge bibles. It's more of pressed line/crease into the spine. I didn't have soldering iron to make a nice line so I used my tooling tool I bought from Tandy Leather.

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