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This is a New King James Wide Margin by Thomas Nelson. It's a nice bible that's out of print. If you're a note taker in your bible you need a wide margin as it gives you the space to take notes in your bible. It was a bonded leather. Which is just scraps of leather glued together. So for that reason bonded leather always chips and flakes away on the corners due to use. This was a straight forward rebind as the text block was in good condition. However, this green goatskin was difficult to work with. I wanted to stamp a cross on the spine but the leather was pretty tough. The lettering on the spine took but in the practice stamping of the cross it wouldn't take so for fear of damaging the work done I left it alone. There was a crease in the leather
on the cover but after I put a stack of bibles on it the crease smoothed out just fine. The good thing about this tough leather on the cover is at least it will be durable.

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