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This is a Ryrie New American Standard Bible. The original cover is a burgundy bonded leather. The cover was in a box and in good condition but had a musty smell due to being boxed for so long. The bible didn't have a chance to breath. I let it sit out of the box for a few weeks before attempting to do anything with it. John wanted a patriotic themed bible. I did have the colored leathers necessary but they were both thicker leathers. It's challenging to use a thicker leather as the cover. You have to skive the corners good to make the fold-overs easier. I had a blue which would make a great cover but since I didn't have a white I used grayish white. So, we went with that. I wasn't sure how to tie the grayish liner together with a patriotic theme. I decided to look for some nice end sheets. I found at Hobby Lobby some Americana themed decorative end sheets. These end sheets happened to have all the colors I needed. They had red, white, blue and gray. It tied all the colors together perfectly. I added three ribbons of red, white and blue. 


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