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This is an Open Bible. It was duct taped together. This is the third time it was rebound and I expect the last time. I used a brown calfskin for the cover and it was a really nice soft leather and easy to work with. This is my favorite rebind of them all. Instead of using foil stamping on the spine because I don't want to invest in the equipment and I don't have the space to store it I bought some stamping letters and a cross stamp to use on the spine. Unfortunately, due to the two previous rebinds the rebinders cut off a sliver of the spine each time to give themselves a clean spine
and reused the original cover. So, for that reason the text rides right into the gutter. It was special for me doing this bible. John discipled me as young Christian. This bible was given to John by his dad back in 1977. John's dad went to be with the Lord in 2021.

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