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This is a Thomas Nelson 3015 NKJV thinline bible. It's less than an inch thick. The leather cover is unique and pretty cool on this rebind. It's a lambskin that has a gator print embossed onto it. It's a really soft leather. The liner is a distressed red calfskin. I tried to add archival ink to the page edges. It was the first time I had done this to my rebinds. I didn't want to do this but the page edges had some nicks in it. So the inked edges masked some of the defects on the page edges. With the spine being less than an inch it was impossible for me to do traditional spine stamping on this bible. So, I had to think of something different. I decided to stamp NKJV sideways on the spine and add to gilt lines for decorative purposes. I used a decorative end sheet with a map on it. I used this bible to preach our Good Friday service.

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