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This is a NIV Archaeological Bible. It's a pretty big bible. It was a hardback with pointed corners. Most of the bibles I had done to this point were rounded corners. So....I thought I would try something different for this rebind seeing the corners were pointed. I wanted to try and do a pointed corner rebind. I wanted to make the cover look more like a hardback cover with pointed covers since the corners of the text block themselves were pointed. I hadn't tried this style of rebind before and it was a little difficult to figure out how to get the corners cut and glued down. This one of those things that will require some practice if I do this style of rebind again. I was careful in removing  the text block from the original hardback cover so as not to damage the block. Seeing that this was originally a hardback bible I had to add some leather material to the spine to reduce the sharp of the edges of the spine as they were sharp. The lambskin cover was really soft so you could feel the edges of the spine of the block.  On this rebind we added some new ribbons and I used a deerskin liner. The color of the liner is different which I liked. The cover is a soft lambskin that's red. I always try to do a cover and liner that blends with the color scheme of the text block. This is probably the most floppy bible I've done to this point. Which if you like floppy that's a good thing. 

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