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Lessons Learned in Spiritual Warfare

Matt 26:30-46 gives us four lessons we can learn. These lessons instruct us on do's and dont's in spiritual warfare.

Lesson 1 (a do) - Worship is powerful (v30)

~ Jesus sung a hymn with his disciples after the Passover meal and before going to the Garden of Gethsemane. They very likely would have sung Psalms 115-118.

~ Worship breaks the tension in warfare, worship brings us into sweet communion with God, and worship frees my in my circumstances.

~ Jesus worshiped with His disciples and I too should worship regardless of what's happened, what is happening or what is going to happen.

Lesson 2 (a don't) - Self-Confidence is perilous (v31-35)

~ Jesus warned the disciples they would all be offended because of Him but Peter denied it and said he wouldn't.

~ This isn't the first time we see self-confidence with Peter.

~ Self-confidence make us independent of God and others, it also makes us proud, not correctable, and not want to listen to Jesus.

~ Jesus used the upcoming temptation to deal with Peter's self-confidence and the Lord will use tests and temptations in our life to deal with our self-confidence.

~ The Lord wants our confidence to be him Him

Lesson 3 (a do) - Watchfulness and Prayerfulness is practical (v36-40)

~ Jesus told Peter, James and John to watch and pray.

~ The need for watchfulness is to be aware of the upcoming temptation to be offended because of Jesus. They weren't watchful and ended up being offended.

~ The need to be prayerful is to be strengthened by God for the upcoming temptation that would offend them. They weren't prayerful. They failed.

~ Watchfulness and prayerfulness is a practical lesson because it's something we need to do.

Lesson 4 -(a do) - Obedience is paramount (v39-44)

~ Though Jesus knew what coming in the form of the cup (sin, separation and the Father's wrath) He new obedience was required.

~ Obedience was required for our salvation.

~ I too need to remember that regardless of the tests, temptations and tribulations obedience is paramount.

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