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Paul uses the word "therefore" so often in his epistles. The word therefore is an action word. So often Paul uses this word therefore after he's taught something. This is Paul's call to go from doctrine to duty, from preaching to practice. My e-sword software allows me to search the number of times, occurrences and location of this word therefore. I was surprised to see how often Paul calls believers from doctrine to duty. Below is a list of the occurrences and in each book. You can track these usages also by using a concordance. It seemed like a lot of work to use the concordance so I took the cheater method and used bible software. LOL. The chart includes Paul as the writer of Hebrews. Some think he wrote Paul and some another writer. But, here it it nonetheless.

119 verses found, 120 matches


27 verses found

1 Corinthians

21 verses found

2 Corinthians

16 verses found and 17 matches


6 verses found


7 verses found


6 verses found


4 verses found

1 Thessalonians

3 verses found

2 Thessalonians

1 verse found

1 Timothy

4 verses found

2 Timothy

6 verses found


3 verses found


15 verses found


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