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George Whitefield Quotes

Study to know Him more and more, for the more you know, the more you will love Him.

Whoever reads the gospel with a single eye, and sincere intentions, will find, that our blessed Lord took all opportunities of reminding his disciples that His Kingdom was not of this world; that His doctrine was a doctrine of the Cross; and that their professing themselves to be His followers, would call them to a constant state of voluntary suffering and self-denial.

God forbid that I should travel with anybody a quarter of an hour without speaking of Christ to them.

Let us never despair while we have Christ as our leader.

Be humble, talk little, think and pray much.

I would rather wear out than rust out. (This is what a George Whitefield said to a friend who questioned why George preached so much. He often preached 40-50 hours a week.)


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