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The Holy Spirit in the book of Luke

We discussed the role of the Holy Spirit in the book of Luke. Here's some notes from our bible study from Wednesday March 21st, 2021

In the first four chapters of Luke we see several references to the Holy Spirit

1 Luke 1:15 John the Baptist would be filled with the Holy Spirit from the womb

· John is a holy vessel for future service

· Holy Spirit fills a person for service

2 Luke 1:35 The Holy Spirit would come upon Mary and create the pregnancy of Jesus in her womb

· When the Holy Spirit comes there’s power

· This power from the Holy Spirit was to create the pregnancy within Mary

· The Holy Spirit had a role in the incarnation

3 Luke 1:41 Elizabeth was full of the Holy Spirit when John leapt in her room

· It almost seems like Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit because John first noticed the entry of the Messiah

· Our filling of the Holy Spirit can have a positive effect on others

4 Luke 1:67 Zechariah was full of the Holy Spirit prophesied in v68-79

· Zechariah preached in the power of the Holy Spirit

5 Luke 2:25-27 Simeon came by the Holy Spirit into the temple the moment Joseph and Mary came in with Jesus

· Lk 2:25 – The Holy Spirit was upon Simeon (Enablement)

· Lk 2:26 – The Holy Spirit showed him he wouldn’t die until he had seen Christ (Insight)

· Lk 2:27 – The Holy Spirit led him into the temple when Jesus was brought into the temple (Leading)

6 Luke 3:22 The Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus at the baptism

· The came upon Christ for his ministry

7 Luke 4:1 Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit and returned from Jordan and then was led the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted

8 Luke 4:14 Jesus returned in the power of the Holy Spirit from the temptation in the wilderness to Galilee

9 Luke 4:18 Jesus stood up and read Isaiah 61:1 and fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecy

· Anointing (chrio) comes from the word that Christ comes from and it means to rub with oil or to smear on, to consecrate to an office or religious service, furnish with power. Jesus anointed for special service

· Acts 10:38 God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and with power to do good things and heal

10 There are other references to the word spirit in the book but it’s to a person’s human spirit or an evil spirit


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