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Mary Worshiped While Judas Criticized

This morning our sermon focused on the contrast between Mary (the sister of Lazarus) and Judas Iscariot. Our text was John 12:1-9. Mary was worshiping the Lord but Judas criticized. Mary poured out ointment/perfume on the feet of Jesus to prepare him for his death. This ointment was equal to a years salary. Meanwhile, Judas criticized Mary for her sacrifice and devotion.I'll give you a list of contrasts.

Mary blesses but Judas betrays Mary gives but Judas hordes Mary loves sacrificing but Judas loathed Mary’s sacrifice Mary is looking outward but Judas is looking inward Mary is looking at Christ but Judas is looking at self Mary is demonstrating humility and Judas is demonstrating pride Mary isn’t worried about $ but Judas is really worried about $ Mary is giving away $ but Judas is trying to get more $ Mary worships but Judas criticizes

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