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Lessons from Elizabeth

Lessons from Elizabeth

In Luke 1:41 Elizabeth was filled with Holy Spirit after John the Baptist leapt in her womb. The reason John leapt in Elizabeth's womb is Mary entered into the home of Zechariah and Elizabeth and greeted them.

There are two things that happen when we're filled with the Holy Spirit. Those two lessons are. 1 Blessing others (v42) 2 Humility (v43)

Lesson #1 Blessing others In verse 42 Elizabeth blessed Mary by saying she was blessed among women and the fruit of her womb was blessed. Blessing others means we invoke a blessing on others and speaking well of others.

Lesson #2 Humility In verse 43 Elizabeth expresses humility by asking the question who am I that the mother of my Lord should come to me? Humility understands our unworthiness and need for God.

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