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The Right Announcement

"The Right Announcement" (Luke 1:26-38)

The angel Gabriel approached Mary with the "Right Announcement" of the will of God. That will was that Mary would be the mother of the Messiah.

An outline of our text shows us 4 things 1 Right Timing - The timing was right for Mary to become part of the plan of God. Galatians 4:4 says in the fullness of time (appointed time) God sent forth his son, made of a woman. ~ God's timing is perfect for our lives also.

2 Right person - Mary was the right person for the will of God. Consider the factors 1) Mary was a Jewish virgin 2) A teenager who’s engaged to Joseph who is in the lineage of the messiah as listed in Matt 1. 3) Mary was the cousin of Elizabeth which make John the Baptist and Jesus relatives.

4) She was a godly person which also made her the right person. ~ We are the perfect person for God's will for our lives. God has no one else to fulfill His will for our life.

3 Right method - God’s method is always perfect and the method God chose was a virgin birth. Isaiah 55:8,9 tell us God's thoughts and ways are higher than man's ways. ~ God's methods in our life don't always make sense but we can trust that God's methods are better than ours.

4 Right belief - Mary had the right faith whereas Zechariah didn't. Mary said she was the handmaid of the Lord which implies obedience and submission. ~ As Mary believed God's plan for her life we too can believe and trust God for the will He has for our life.

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