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God's Preparation Process of His Servants

God’s preparation for the men and woman He uses involves:

1 Training – He uses life and ministry to train us with the skills necessary to be do His will. 2 Testing – This involves the character development necessary to do His will. 3 Trust – God wants to teach his servants that we can trust him doing God’s will.

This played out in the life of Joseph in Genesis 37 to Genesis 42. God had to take Joseph from his father's house and take him to Egypt to be a slave and a prisoner. There he would learn administrative and supervisory skills (training) to oversee the upcoming famine.

There in Egypt Joseph would also be tested and God would develop godly character in him (Testing). Psalm 105:18,19 says Joseph's feet were hurt in iron until the time the word of the Lord tried him.

God finally taught Joseph to trust him. Joseph was able to look at his his circumstances and difficulty he endured and see God's perspective of his suffering (Genesis 50:20). Paul said he had the sentence of death that he should not trust in himself but in God who raises the dead (2 Corinthians 1:8).

When I look at my job, my circumstances, my adversity and my ministry can a look at as if I'm in God's training, testing and trust preparation for future usefulness?

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