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Encouraging Ourselves in the Lord

1 Samuel 30:6 "And David was greatly distressed, for the people spoke of stoning him, because all the people were bitter in soul, each for his sons and daughters. But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God."

In 1 Samuel 23:2; 23:4; 23:10-12 we read that David inquired of the Lord. He asked God for direction and wisdom. He did well in these chapters. In the chapters leading up to 1 Samuel 30 David wasn't doing well spiritually. In our verse David was distressed because he and his mighty men's soldiers families were taken. David's men talked of stoning David because they blamed him.

However, David got back on track with God by encouraging himself in the Lord.For the first times in many chapters David inquired of the Lord. This was a turning point for David spiritually.

When we are discouraged we can encourage ourselves in the Lord. It's important for a christian to know how to encourage themselves in the Lord. We can encourage ourselves by shifting our focus to God and going to His word. When go to God and His word we can take our eyes off the thing discouraging us and think about it biblically. The problem may still be there but because we've encouraged ourselves in God we'll have the strength to not be overwhelmed by the problem.

Let's encourage ourselves in the Lord

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