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What is the answer to worry?

What is the answer to worry?

Paul gives us the answer to the problem of worry in Philippians 4:6,7. That answer is in fellowship and communion with the Lord. That answer is comprised of three ingredients.

Those ingredients are prayer, supplication and thanksgiving.

1 Prayer - Prayer is prayer in general. But the word here also means praise, adoration and worship. Here in prayer we adore the Lord for his goodness and blessings.

2 Supplication - Supplication here means prayer in specifics. We pray for specific things.The Lord welcomes our requests.

3 Thanksgiving - Finally, we give thanks to the Lord that He'll hear us. Just as important as bringing our requests to the Lord is be thankful and appreciative to him.

Paul then says that if we do these things we'll have the peace of God to guard our hearts and minds.

While we come to the Lord worried we leave with peace. This is the answer to worry.

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